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Escuela Digital is responsible for enforcing all the rules of the 12th Architecture Competition, as well as its administration and fair development.


All communication related to the 12th Architecture Competition must be sent by email to the address


Queries on topics related to the Contest will only be answered to the participants duly registered and registered in the competition, so the mail containing the questions must be headed in the Subject by the Official Registration Number, otherwise, it will not be attended. . A response will be given in business days and up to 72 hours after receiving the email.


Once the period for submitting proposals has ended, Escuela Digital will coordinate with the jury for their evaluation, so it will not be able to respond to any verbal, telephone, electronic, or postal communication related to the evaluation and award of the Contest. Any attempt to establish contact will result in the disqualification of the contestants.


Any attempt to contact the jury to discuss any issue related to the Contest will result in the immediate disqualification of the participant.




By completing their registration in the Contest, the participants immediately formalize the unconditional acceptance of these rules, as well as the final decisions of the jury.


Escuela Digital reserves the right to make any improvements to the rules, as long as they are at the service of the common good of the participants and the best development of this Contest.


This Contest may not be declared void for any reason.


The Contest will conclude with the election of at least one first place and with the corresponding delivery of their respective prizes, unfailingly.

The jury, by majority vote, is the only one authorized and legally responsible for choosing the winner and said the decision will be final.


For all legal purposes (civil or criminal), Escuela Digital functions solely as the organizer of the 12th Architecture Competition and is therefore exempt from any possible civil or criminal lawsuit in the event that any participant does not agree with the final verdict of the jury.




In the event that any member or team gives up their attempt to participate in the Contest, once the registration has been canceled, the cost of registration and registration will not be refunded (nor can it be applied to any other future Digital School Contest).


Note: The registration costs are to cover logistics, and operational and administrative expenses derived from the organization of the Digital School Contest, so the participating agencies do not receive any of the proceeds.


Property and rights


All the images presented in the Contest will become part of the digital registry of Escuela Digital, thus becoming part of the archives for the exhibition, exhibition, and publication that are made about and of the event itself. For any other purpose that was not the reason for the 12th Architecture Contest: Parque Lineal Ferrocarriles Nacionales de México or the Architecture Contest, each participant will maintain the intellectual property of their work, and the company may therefore publish it with the corresponding authorship for its promotion.




Escuela Digital undertakes to scrupulously protect the integrity of this Contest throughout its development in the following manner: The registration number is the only element with which each of the proposals received will be organized, processed, and evaluated. For this purpose, the digital images will arrive and will be stored as registration numbers, keeping the complementary information in a separate file, and as soon as the evaluation is finished, only the jury will know the name of the contestants.




Firms, studios, offices, partners, and all architects directly related in professional work with any of the juries may not participate; as well as the employees, administrative, and executive staff of Escuela Digital.

Likewise, professional architects who are under a dependent employee labor regime or who fulfill a function within the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing are excluded from participating.


In the event that a contestant is directly, commercially, or professionally related to any of the aforementioned institutions, the proposal will be immediately disqualified.


Also, the following are considered grounds for disqualification:

  • That the document arrives after the announced date.

  • That the proposal is incomplete or damaged in any of its parts.

  • If the document contains any sign or mark that in any way identifies its author.


Contestants who omit or do not observe these rules will be declared ineligible.

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